The problems with the Lubavitch

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January 1, 2008, 10:31 pm
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Lubavitch Chabads are multiplying all over this nation at a huge rate. I have been involved in litigation against one and through my research I have found that my situation was happening in other communities but no one has connected these different cases to a movement by this group. Currently there are 3000 Chabads in the U.S. and they plan in the next 5 years to have 8000. The Lubavitch came in the 50’s with about 2000 followers and are currently about 200,000.

This sect takes residential real estate and uses it for a place to do their business. They take all of this real estate off the tax roles and live rent-free and tax free just by holding services in their living rooms. They avoid taxes with their 501C status while at the same time use the services of the fire, police and all other infrastructure services which their tax paying neighbors are paying for in residential neighborhoods….. which are the only neighborhoods that they target.

The Lubavitch are very quietly anti Israel as they feel it is much too secular and they believe that their Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson who died in 1994 will return soon as their messiah. The established Jewish American community does not recognize the Lubavitch. Most of the Rabbis are not licensed or have not even graduated from any recognized universities. They also use cash, bartering and foreign money to augment there lifestyles. They are amassing enormous amounts of residential real estate nationally without paying any taxes.

There is a” bait and switch “mentality to this group. Tell the community that you are buying a house for residential use and then turn it in to a house of worship. Their entitlement is very obvious when you try to fight them. Currently, there are several court cases about this issue, and many other cases that towns are fighting these groups on zoning violations in their own local municipals. They are operating abusive scams in the name of RLUIPA (Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act) and other religious accommodation laws.

This particular group will always build and operate first without compliance or permits in violation of zoning and then scream religious persecution when anyone attempts to get them to comply.

This is not only about who pays tax. It is about landowners and tenants rights and the ability of this sect to suppress those rights and amass tax free donations and real estate while forcing local businesses to comply with their rules and regulations all via intimidation tactics. This is a national problem that must be addressed.

But no one media organization has connected all these different situations to a grand movement by the Lubavitch. In the following pages I have copied just a few of the many newspaper, magazine and web articles about this subject.

I do believe that I am one of the few people to win against the Lubavitch. I had excellent lawyers, Judges that listened and wrote case law decisions and strong

New York City rent laws.

I will try to inform you each week of other cases that these chabads have in cities throughout the U.S. with local real estate authorities and citizens of these communities.


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