The problems with the Lubavitch

Kosher Greed at the Lubavitch Agriprocessor Plant
August 12, 2008, 5:06 pm
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Jew baiting at the Strib(Star Tribune)

August 6, 2008

“Violations of virtually every aspect of Iowa’s child labor laws.”

And their parents are sitting in federal prison, victims of a mass trial and insufficent legal counsel. The only question here is who’s the bigger criminal: Agriprocessors or Bush’s immigration enforcement personnel.

And since this isn’t a “local” story, the Strib’s allowing comments:

My only reluctance in writing about the cultish Chabad Lubavitch connection was that some people might lump me in with these folks.

As for the Strib, they can either moderate their comments or get rid of them altogether. It’s too late to fire Kersten — now that her pals have started to hang around in the comments there isn’t enough rodent repellant in the world to get rid of them.

And yes, I left a comment of my own:

What crawled out from under a rock

It’s funny how this crap keeps showing up in Strib comments. The further to the right the Strib moves, the viler and more racist their commenters become. While Agriprocessors is run by a virulent cult comprised of Chabad Lubavitch extremists, they are no more whacked out than your average prosperity gospel parishioner who belongs to a mega-church. Greed is not a religious value, and is usually a sign that your faith isn’t about God, but rather about yourself. The victims in this story are the Guatemalans who were willing to work for low pay in horrible conditions because Americans refused to work in that “jungle.” But instead of Upton Sinclair, the Strib gives us Katherine Kersten, or in this case, a story from yet another Republican-run wire service. Jon Tevlin did a great job with this story. Did that offend your investors? I wouldn’t bother to ask except the Strib refuses to say who specifically owns them now. For all we know, the Rubashkins own a piece of the Strib. Come to think of it, a newspaper is a lot like a packing plant. Except your kill floor is upstairs where the editors pick and choose which stories will make Obama look bad, and McCain look like he’s awake. But in the end, you both produce a lot of sausage.

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I love that one big long paragraph comment style they use. Visually, it turns a good rant into a note tied around a brick.

UPDATE: Thomas Franks’ Captives of the Meatpacking Archipelago [h/t G Spot]


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