The problems with the Lubavitch

Orthodox blogger on Lubavitch Agriprocessors
September 14, 2008, 3:01 pm
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Rubashkin’s meat is only at 40% of the capacity before the raid and the business is quickly going down, unable to recover from the ongoing Raids, Arrests and loss of workers.

As a result, Anash are being requested to to help lend money to Rubashkin as last ditch effort to perhaps avert Rubashkins total demise.

Mitzvah Lefarsem Oysey Mitzvah!

Sholom Ber Drizin reportedly lent Rubashkin approximately 1.5 Million dollars, recently and DaasHakohol knows of one other source who lent Rubashkin $50,000.00 and many other members of Anash who have been asked and have kindheartedly opened their hearts to have Rachmones on Rubashkin, who is now in the process of going under.

Mitzvah Lefarsem Oysey Mitzvah and especially in this great Mitzvah of Tzedaka for Rubashkin, will IYH publicize all donors who will take part in this great Mitzvah of Gemilas Chassodim and Tzedaka for Rubashkin.


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