The problems with the Lubavitch

Lubavitch only interested in money
October 15, 2008, 7:40 pm
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Chabad’s primary objective is simple: get as many people to give as much money as possible to the organization while at the same time give the impression that they are the one and only true perspective of Judaism and the world.

Understand that when someone from Chabad approaches you they see potential for three things: 1) Money, 2) Execution of a “Mitzvah” on THEIR part (even though they will make it look like that they are concerned with the execution of the “Mitzvah” on YOUR part), 3) Convincing you that doing a “Mitzvah” is the most important thing in the world which will hopefully lead you to do “1″.

Chabad will claim that in their organization, they welcome everyone regardless of observance and income. That you don’t need a “ticket” to come to services and there is no “memberships”. Make no mistake about it: Chabad’s “open concept” is actually a cover-up for what it really is: a money collecting organization that ultimately funds the torah-study of individuals who view the outside world as sub-human.

Universities should not endorse any religions on Campus. They should be particularly careful when recognizing cult organizations such as Chabad who’s sole purpose is to attract young, impressionable people to join their “warm loving atmosphere” to give money, time, resources and favors.

While the question of Chabad’s money-grabbing schemes are questionable (but certainly plausible), I do have other issues with the movement.

In every experience I have had with Chabad, the rabbis and congregants have always been very nice and inviting. And I think that they are genuine in their hospitality. I find it commendable that they want to provide an outlet of Judaism for Jews who otherwise would have nothing.

The problem I have with Chabad is that for all of their welcoming to non-Chabad Jews, they are actually pretty intolerant. I find that there general attitude towards Judaism is that there is only one correct way- there way. They treat me, a fairly knowledgeable Conservative Jew, like a know-nothing. They are fine with Jews being secular, but if and when they choose to do anything religious, it has to be Orthodox.

I have actually heard a Chabad rabbi openly make fun of Conservative and Reform Judaism, which is pretty offensive being that most of the young people there had parents who probably were members of Reform and Conservative congregations.

Also, I find that their means of getting young people to come to their Intolerance House…oh sorry, Chabad House, somewhat skeezy. I honestly know people who go to Chabad on Friday night to get free alcohol before they go to the bars. And Chabad has no problem with this, as long as they put on t’fillin in the morning.


Jeremy Moses

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