The problems with the Lubavitch

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March 13, 2010, 5:24 pm
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I have not posted anything on my blog in a very long time as I am very discouraged with how everyone lets these people get away with everything they want as they want their money, contribution or vote.

We live in a world that let these chabads be 501c 111’s and not pay taxes and do not do any good. They try to initiate Jews into Judaism and keep them there…that’s it. In shabby places they conduct their only business and make a good living from it.

If they educate they charge if they feed they charge and if the care for children they charge. Did you ever hear of them donating or giving service to anything. No!

So you can see I still feel the same way about them but do not have the time or the energy to fight this despicable cult anymore.Regular normal Jews should fight these people and they don’t and they ignore.


Lubavitch try to steal legit synagogue,want it wholesale or closeout! What a shock!
May 10, 2009, 3:08 pm
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Court To Weigh Sale Of Syosset Shul
Stuart Ain, The NY Jewish Week

The long-running saga over the fate of the East Nassau Hebrew Congregation in Syosset seems now to be at a crossroads.

A controversial plan to sell the synagogue to a Korean church deserves judicial scrutiny, according to State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

In papers filed before State Supreme Court Justice Thomas Phelan in Mineola, Assistant Attorney General Dorothy Nese asked the judge to conduct a full evidentiary hearing if necessary before deciding whether to permit the sale.

At issue is which of two groups of residents are telling the truth when they claim to be the synagogue’s trustees.

A group that includes the congregation’s rabbi, Sol Appleman insists that there is no longer an active congregation and that there has not been a minyan there for several years. In court papers, Rabbi Appleman said he is seeking dissolution of the congregation so he can sell the synagogue and three homes it owns.

The group seeking to block the sale, he said, wants to bring about “a hostile takeover” of the building, which he said his late parents bought and later donated to the congregation. Rabbi Appleman’s father, Morris, had been the Orthodox congregation’s spiritual leader for more than 40 years.

He charged also that Chabad-Lubavitch of Plainview is behind the group seeking to block the sale and that “their real goal is to obtain possession of East Nassau’s real property.”

Gerald Gross, the attorney for the objecting residents, claimed in court papers filed by an associate, Elliot Pasik, that Rabbi Appleman was “trying to play this court like a fiddle” in order to pull off “an elaborate scam.” He insisted that the board Rabbi Appleman said truly represents the synagogue is actually a “sham” because it is “populated by his family and friends who do not reside in the Syosset area.”

“Rabbi [Appleman] has, quite intentionally, driven this synagogue into the ground, closing it, looting its assets, and behaved like a neighborhood street bully, all in an effort to enrich himself with a $300,000 plus judgment,” Pasik wrote.

Rabbi Appleman said in an interview that he has arranged for the proceeds from the sale of the congregations’ properties to go to 25 different charities and yeshivas.

A bet din or Jewish religious court awarded Rabbi Appleman more than $290,000 in back pay that he said the congregation owed him. A court later affirmed that award in an uncontested proceeding that the objecting residents are now seeking to vacate.

In her papers to the court, Nese said she has been following this dispute for more than two years. At first it concerned allegations that the rabbi improperly leased the synagogue to an outside group and was planning to sell it. To do so or lease it for longer than five years would need her office’s approval.

Nese said she wrote to Rabbi Appleman to tell him of complaints about his “purported misuse or misappropriation of the synagogue property” and the way he was “conducting himself as the rabbi.”

She said also that she is still awaiting information from him that she requested a year ago and that the objecting residents had sought to argue their case before a bet din. When Rabbi Appleman declined, the religious court issued a ruling barring him from selling the congregation’s property.

Rabbi Appelbaum said the proceedings were holding up funds that were eagerly awaited by charitable beneficiaries.

Rabbi Appleman said three different developers want to buy the houses and that “a church wants to buy the synagogue indirectly.” He said the sale price is $2.5 million.

Rabbi Tuvia Teldon, executive director of Lubavitch of Long Island, said his organization is trying to see if there are other area residents interested in saving the congregation.

“They need to get more people on board to convince the court that there are enough people who want it to be a viable congregation,” he said. “We’re trying to help them get their shul back.”

Rabbi Appleman commented on VIN’s post about this story:

I’m the rabbi of the Shul in question. There is no “olam” there anymore. There are 30 paid up members who agreed to the sale. There are 5 people who oppose. 2 of the five had their house up for sale for almost 2 years. Another supposed “member” was the lawyer for the opposing group 2 years ago and he now claims to be a board member. One of this group is an intermarried Kohain. None of the 5 people in opposition has ever paid any kind of membership fee or even a donation to the Shul. Had they done so, maybe the we could have survived. I gave my life to the Shul. I placed a yeshiva there for three years. None of these purported members ever attempted to help keep it going. Now, when it’s time to move on, they all of a sudden wake up because they smell there’s money to be made. It’s sickening that it had to come to this. Anyone interested in the list of mosdos who are to receive the money from the sale may contact me directly to see the side of the story that is not being reported.
I’m at
Rabbi Sol Appleman

I had no problem selling the Shul to the Chabad of Oyster Bay. In fact, in 2003, I personally contact Rabbi Shmuel Lipsycz of the Town of Oyster Bay Chabad and asked him if he was interested in the Shul. He answered that he was and we had a meeting. He offered $300,000. We turned him down. Besides the “offer” being insulting, the courts would never allow a sum paid for real property of a not for profit religious corp to deviate by more than 10%. Shortly after, The Torah Academy of Long Island signed a lease for 4 years. They tried to build up the school, but a flood and asbestos cleanup ended that dream. After they left in Aug. 2006, I tried to sell the Shul to YU, Chofetz Chaim, Touro and others. No one wanted it. People from The Chabad of OB – the same ones involved here – tried to stop any sale then. However, rather than come up with the fair market value of the building, they wanted to simply take it over by importing chasidim from Crown Heights. I called Tuvia Teldon in March 2007 to ask him to stop them from doing that. He told me that he doesn’t get involved in internal disputes in a Shul. He called me before Pesach this year and informed me that he was now getting involved. So I guess he lied to me. Again, had Chabad offered a fair market value, they could have had it. However, I will not stand by and let them steal it. Some of the money will go to pay debts incurred. At least 3/4 of the money will go to institutions that my parents A”H supported their entire lives. Every day that goes by, these institutions are losing money. That is on the head of these 4 imposters, 1 lawyer and Rabbi Teldon.

Chabad has pulled this type of sleazy con dozens of times, from Vilna to Manhattan. It is notorious for this, and the Rebbe when he lived was behind much of it.

Pasik, of course, is either ignorant of or has chosen to disregard that history. More troubling, Pasik’s language is abhorrent. Do you have posek who allows this, Elliot? Or do you just get to do this whenever the whim strikes you? (If the latter is true, could you start using the same strong language to describe the gedolim who cover up for Kolko, Margulies, etc? Or are haredi gedolim untouchable?)

Attorneys choose their clients. They also choose what language they use to describe opposing litigants.

In Elliot Pasik’s case, both choices appear troubling. Is Chabad Trying to Steal This Synagogue?By Shmarya Rosenberg

In Swine Flu, Crown Heights Lubavitchers See Signs of the Messiah…You can’t make this up!
May 10, 2009, 1:57 pm
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The onset of swine flu has inspired all sorts of different reactions. President Barack Obama is telling Americans to do common sense things like not go to school if you feel sick (Thanks, Barack!) Rightbloggers and folks like Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio are using it to unleash anti-immigrant sentiment and attack the government for failing to seal the borders.Sara Kanevsky, a Hasidic woman we wrote about last summer, believes that swine flu may signify the hailing of the messiah.

For Kanevsky and thousands of others in Crown Heights who believe the late Lubavitch rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (pictured) is the messiah, swine flu is yet another sign of redemption on earth. According to Jewish texts, in the time of redemption, all things that are unkosher (traif is the more-common yiddish word) will become holy.

“Why is the pig getting so much attention right now?” Kanevsky asked a Voice reporter. “There is great significance to this.”

Only animals that chew their cud (the digestive process by which cows and other animals regurgitate their food in order to digest it twice) are considered kosher. Kanevsky says she plans to begin making a round of phone calls to local farms to see if pigs have begun to digest differently. Of course, she will have to call non-Jewish farms, since Jewish farms are unlikely to be raising pigs in the first place.

(one below)

GiorgioNYC says:Proof positive that all religious nutjobs aren’t Muslim or Christian.

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Hollywood’s problem with the Orthodox and helped by Chabad Lubavitch
May 10, 2009, 1:45 pm
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Hollywood case asks: When is a chicken a pet?

Family says code enforcement is targeting Orthodox Jews with Middle Eastern surnames

HOLLYWOOD – On one side of the battle in upscale Emerald Hills is a Middle Eastern Jewish family who claims code enforcement is targeting their community for harassment. On the other, there’s a city still reeling from an expensive religious discrimination lawsuit.

In the middle, is Onyx the hen and her gaggle.

The Orthodox Jewish Kohn family, citing the city code, calls them legal “small domestic” pets; the city calls them illegal “fowl or poultry.” The Kohns say their religious tenets favor chicken over dogs as family pets.

“The real issue here is a government telling us what type of animals we can or cannot have,” said the family’s patriarch, Steve Kohn. “Our neighbor across the street can have a parrot, but we can’t have a chicken. Obviously there is no scientific research that shows that a pet chicken is more of a hazard than a pit bull or more of a nuisance than a screeching macaw.”

The city’s response is simple: You can’t have chickens within city limits, so chuck them or face the possibility of stiff fines.

A city-hired special magistrate, who can set the fines, is tentatively scheduled to referee the chicken fight on May 19.

But for the Kohns, it goes beyond cluckers. The Kohns, who are from Syria and Morocco, claim the city’s Code Enforcement Department is targeting them and other Jewish families of Middle Eastern descent. The complaints have captured the attention of the U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rghts Division.

City officials acknowledge they have some history with the Justice lawyer looking into the Kohns’ complaint. Sean Keveney partnered with the Chabad Lubavitch in 2003 to sue Hollywood over the city’s efforts to oust the synagogue from its Hollywood Hills neighborhood.

The city admitted no wrongdoing, but settled the case for $2 million in 2006. The city was ordered to keep prosecutors updated on efforts, such as employee sensitivity training, to avoid discriminatory practices.

City Attorney Jeff Sheffel, who went to work for Hollywood in 2008, admitted last week the city “simply forgot” to keep the Justice Department updated. He believes that’s the reason federal prosecutors are entertaining the latest complaint.

Federal prosecutors declined to comment, while city administrators insist there is no reason to be concerned.

“This is a city where the city attorney is Jewish, the mayor is Jewish and the commissioner who represents the district is Jewish,” said Sheffel. “I can guarantee you that any hint of anti-Semitism will be dealt with. My belief is that the Kohns are trying to create a big storm of controversy to distract everyone from the fact they have chickens in their property.”

The Kohns say they have proof, and have gone as far as launching their own investigation and filing a police report.

According to them, Irish Gardner, the code enforcement officer for their area, began harassing them before the pet chickens arrived in December, as far back as October. They say the officer parks in front of their home almost every day, warning and nitpicking about a wide variety of things. That includes chastising the family just two days after they moved into the house on North 51st Avenue for stacking empty moving boxes outside.

The family filed a police report on March 23 when the Kohns’ teenage daughter, who was sunbathing in the backyard, said she spotted two heads peering over a six-foot fence and taking pictures of the chickens.

City officials say it was Gardner and a supervisor acting on a complaint. They maintain case law allows officials to peer into yards looking for violations.

Soon the family began comparing notes with neighbors and members of their congregation. They began documenting cases they say unfairly target Jewish families with Middle Eastern surnames, while ignoring others.

Gardner declined to comment through city officials who cited city policy prohibiting employees from speaking to reporters. Clay Milan, his boss, rejects the family’s findings by pointing out Emerald Hills is predominantly Jewish.

On one occasion, Steve Kohn’s wife, Renee, saw and photographed Gardner citing the home of a Jewish neighbor who had just moved in. The home was cited for excessive mold on the roof, but two other homes across the street – – with just as much or even more mold – – went unchecked.

The Kohns have compiled similar incidents from other Jewish families. Members of two of the families did not want to comment, fearing retribution from the city.

Milan said he and Sheffel met with Gardner, who had received sensitivity training as required by the Chabad settlement, and saw no red flags.

“We found absolutely no proof that there is a problem,” said Milan.

Ihosvani Rodriguez can be reached at or 954-385-7908.

Lubavitch hip?
April 8, 2009, 6:03 pm
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“Yes We Can!” Welcome Back “the Messiah” (The One From Brooklyn)

Monday April 6, 2009

For those collecting examples of amusing or interesting uses of the Obama-esque rhetoric, here’s one we saw in Manhattan this Sunday. This is a picture of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, the Lubavitch leader who, according to some of his followers, is the Messiah. This signs suggests improving the world to welcome him back.

Obviously, if he is coming back it is on wheels….perhaps on Obamamotor

Brooklyn Jewish sex crimes
April 8, 2009, 5:50 pm
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New York Post

April 2, 2009

Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes announced a new initiative yesterday to combat sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community — even as a new book hit the market trashing his handling of those cases.

“Sexual abuse is not only a horrific nightmare for the victims, but an agonizing experience for their parents,” he said.

The DA cited an increased flow of sexual-abuse cases out of the Orthodox community in recent years. The office currently has 19 pending cases.

But Amy Neustein, an academic and editor of the forthcoming “Tempest in the Temple: Jewish Communities and Child Sex Scandals,” called the initiative “lip service.”

“There’s two decades of seriously mishandled cases,” she said. “Why is case after case subverted rather than prosecuted?”

The DA’s office declined comment on the book, saying officials had not seen it.

If you live in Brooklyn and hate this situation please don’t hesitate to call the DA’s office and voice your opinion or don’t vote for anyone that will take money and votes from the Jewish lobbies and thus they don’t prosecute. 718-250-3820.

The Lubavitch and their tanks
April 8, 2009, 5:31 pm
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Annual Mitzvah Tank Parade – Parade 59

Published: March 29 2009

Preparations are in full swing for the Annual Mitzvah Tank Parade. The Parade is slated to take place on Thursday, April 2nd, the 8th of Nissan, in honor of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s upcoming 107th Birthday the following Sunday, 11 Nissan.

This year’s parade will feature fifty-nine fully decorated Mitzvah ‘Tanks’ corresponding to the years of the Rebbe’s leadership since 5710/1950. The ‘tanks’ are to depart from Lubavitch World Headquarters, 770 Eastern Parkway at 10:30am, and will travel across the Manhattan Bridge, down Fifth Avenue into the heart of Manhattan, and will then spread out throughout the New York Metropolitan area, bringing the joy of Pesach to thousands of local men women and children.

The “tanks” will be loaded, complete with Holiday articles including Shmurah Matzah and helpful Passover Guides as well as Tefillin and Shabbat candles, and other Mivtzoim brochures, with the hope of reaching every Yid, to hasten the revelation of Moshiach.

The Parade is a project of the Mitzvah Tank Organization. Parade Organizers are working vigorously ‘round the clock’ to ensure a smashing success. Rabbi M. Hirsh says, “We are excitedly anticipating this year’s Parade, and we are sure that B’ezras Hashem this will be a befitting gift for the Rebbe in honor of his Birthday”.

Some of the exciting innovations for this year’s parade includes, an improved children’s program, and a special system that has been set up to ensure contact throughout the year with those met on the parade, and to forward them to their local Chabad Lubavitch Center.

I happened to be in Soho that day with a friend having coffee in a Starbucks and watched another parade, all those “tanks” were loaded with young guys that would fan out in the street and ask “are you Jewish?” (only to other men) but I guess that these “tanks ” don’t have bathrooms(that would have cost extra) and they use Starbucks….god forbid they bought a cup of coffee!